Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Call For Support From the Sierra Leone YMCA

Greetings Friends,

My name is Christian Kamara, National General Secretary/CEO of the Sierra Leone YMCA.

I would like to thank you for your donations to our cause to combat the Ebola Outbreak that has taken a toll on Sierra Leone and other western African countries. Here in Sierra Leone, we have had over 1200+ confirmed cases of Ebola with 476 deaths. We are serving 23 communities across the country and training peer educators on disease prevention and health promotion in their communities.

Your contributions will additionally assist us in providing humanitarian relief to the hardest hit regions of Sierra Leone. Those humanitarian reliefs include training volunteers on preventative measures, purchasing and distributing basic medical supplies to treat those infected and to protect the volunteers and medical personnel that treat the sick by providing them with gloves, protective clothing and disinfecting supplies. It will also provide food and water to the isolation treatment centers and the communities in the hardest hit areas in Sierra Leone since the outbreak has crippled the local economy.

Your contributions will also assist us in developing an educational and preventative animation tool with the help of Scientific Animations Without Borders. Having said that, your donation will go along way to helping those in need.

Please donate to the Y's campaign by going to and clicking on the Ebola Relief Campaign slide.

Thank you very much for your donation.


Christian Kamara
National General Secretary
& CEO of the Sierra Leone YMCA