Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dump & Run Sneak Peak

May Collections are over, the the fun has just begun. Collections will start up again in August at the U of I Stock Pavilion. Then, there's the SALE on August 25th and 26th!

Here's a sneak peak from collections so far... If you want to see more, visit the Flickr Photoset.

We've got...

Hipster Sofas!

Romantic gift packages!

Weight Loss Supplies!

BIKES fixed up by the Campus Bike Project!

Gourmet Kitchen Appliances!

Vinyl Records (As of now, we only have Weird Al records)!

Prizefighting Belts!

Nerd Gear for Children!

And the best volunteers first dibs can buy!

Our Dump & Run Volunteers really are the best! You too can get first dibs if you volunteer 6+ hours in August, so email

If you want to see more, visit the Flickr Photoset.

Monday, May 7, 2012

'Masquerade' Art Opening: Two Perspectives

by Sonia Hossain
Communications Intern

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of attending the Emerging Artists Exhibition Opening at the YMCA, which was part of the Boneyards Arts Festival in Champaign, Urbana. While entering the exhibit, I was amazed to see Murphy Gallery’s walls filled with paintings and drawings of all colors and sizes. The theme of the exhibition was called 'Masquerade,' which I thought was an interesting subject and made me even more curious to check out the pieces that were done by art students at the University of Illinois – Urbana, Champaign campus.

Before I began to make my way around the room, I decided to pick up some cheese snacks and wine to get in the art gallery spirit. As I made my way to the first wall of works, I was scared at the unsettling painting “Annabelle” that was done by art student Sarah Spread. The painting immediately grabbed my attention because it was a portrait of what appeared to be a young girl in a dress that was sitting on the swings, but instead of her face, she had a skull of a monster-like figure. This was one of my favorite pieces at the exhibition because I loved how the colors and lace in the painting really jumped up and shocked me!

". . . it was a portrait of what appeared to be a young girl in a dress that was sitting on the swings, but instead of her face, she had a skull of a monster-like figure."

While making my way to the other walls, there were a variety of pieces that were done with numerous coloring utensils and mediums. I remembered seeing a drawing that was filled with scribbles that when put together they had portrayed images or visuals in technical pen. I had never used technical pen to draw and seeing these types of pieces inspired me to try drawing in technical pen myself. I enjoyed walking around the exhibit talking to my friend and interpreting the different pieces that were done by the art students. My friend and I discussed what each of the paintings meant and also shared how we felt when viewing these works of art.

The University YMCA provided a great space for students on campus to share and celebrate their artwork with members of the Champaign, IL community. Not only are individuals able to see the variety of art work that these students have contributed, but they were also able to meet the artists and help critique them on their work.


by Eleanor Turek, Communications Intern

This week at the Y we were able to see some beautiful artwork by four Junior Art and Design students to kick off the Boneyard Arts Festival. The event opened to up to quite a few people at about a quarter to five and followed with people popping in and out to view the artists’ talented works.

Kelcy Arnould, Brett Eaton, Lauren Martinkus, and Sarah Spread showed off their drawings and paintings in the Murphy Gallery from 5-7 PM. Food, wine, and the vocal styling of the acoustic guitar provided lovely ambiance for all attendees and artists. The crowd, while somewhat small, gave off the vibes of an intimate setting that allowed viewers to walk around and take in the work. People have been coming in all throughout the day to check out the art and see what wonderful things the Y and Boneyard Arts Festival have to offer.

The Boneyard Arts Festival will be happening from April 19th to May 3rd so feel free to drop by the Murphy Gallery and take a look at the incredible work of these four artists, I promise you will not be disappointed!  

Friday, May 4, 2012

Becca's Desk

by Nora Johnson, Development Intern

Nora being helpful.

Today, I decided to clean out my boss Becca’s desk, after never being able to find a working pen. 

I had no idea I was about to enter a time capsule. 

After collecting all of the pens, the race was close, but the non-working pens beat the working-pens, 31-23. 

The big winner of the day was Jeff Tessler, however, as he had 65 business cards strewn throughout the desk. 

As I reached my hand to the back of the drawer cautiously, (in case there was an animal or the like back there), I came across an envelope with ten dollars cash in it. Although I was tempted to split the money with Jenni, we put it in the student membership fund, where it belongs. 

I also found enough nametags for next year’s auction. (Debbie Rugg will be pleased.) Here is a list of some of my favorite items found:
  • Disney crayon pencil (might be the same one I had when I was 3 years old, I’m not sure)
  • Best boss ever Christmas ornament, framed with pink and gold pearls
  • Basketball medal (Why?)
  • Old skool pic of Becca and Joe
  • Enough napkins and plastic utensils to last a year

Now if I’m in a jam and need a pen quickly, I’ll know where to go.