Friday, May 8, 2015

YOUR STUFF. OUR CAUSE. Dump & Run Collection Days Are Coming!

Moving out? Doing some spring cleaning? Bring your stuff to the University YMCA during the Y’s Dump & Run Collection Days!

  • Recycle your stuff for one great cause!
  • Keep reusable items out of the landfills
  • Provide quality items to people at low cost at The BIG Sale on August 22 & 23!
May Collection Days:
Monday-Wednesday: May 11-13 from 9am to 4pm
Thursday: May 14 from 9am to 7pm
Friday & Saturday: May 15 & 16 from 9am to 4pm
Monday - Friday: May 18-22 from 9am to 4pm

May collections are located at the University YMCA, 1001 S. Wright Street, Champaign (Corner of Wright & Chalmers on the U of I campus).

Free Pick Up for Furniture & Bikes!
The Y is offering a free pick up service for furniture and bikes by appointment only. Contact Emily at 217-337-1500 or to schedule a pick up time during May Collection Days or on our special pick up day on Saturday, August 8, 2015.
When in doubt, don’t throw it out!
Drop off your stuff during May Collection Days for one great cause:

We collect furniture, dishes, glassware, pots & pans, small household appliances, computers, electronics, bicycles, office & school supplies, nearly-new clothing, books, toiletries, lawn & garden, artwork, vinyl & cds, musical instruments, sporting equipment & other household goods.

We do NOT collect televisions, paint, child/infant car seats, stoves, washers, dryers, non-working electronics & computer parts, sleeper sofas, mattresses, televisions, or large exercise equipment.

The University YMCA reserves the right to refuse any donation offered, based on but not limited to, its size, weight, and condition.

Want to shop early? Volunteer for 6 hours or more and receive first dibs on all Dump & Run items at the volunteer pre-sale in August! For more information or to sign up to volunteer, please visit:  

Wednesday, May 6, 2015


When Jane McMahon thinks of her time at the Y, a lot comes to mind. In particular, "It has meant my personal growth and just learning to speak up about my ideas," Jane says, who is Co-President of the Amnesty International-UIUC. "When I started as a freshman at the Y, I was too intimidated to give suggestions on events or disagree with other people's ideas. After three years serving on the executive boards I have learned to trust my own judgment and I am not afraid of criticism. If I see problems with event logistics or organization, I will say something in order to ensure that our event is the best that it can be."

      Image: Members of Amnesty International-UIUC and Prison Justice Project, 
      two student groups of the University YMCA, meet with faculty and community 
      members concerned about the issue of police militarization, nationally and locally 
      in Champaign-Urbana.
The Y gives students like Jane McMahon the leadership opportunities to realize their full potential. This year, the Y would like to recognize Amnesty International for giving back and supporting the Y's overall work in promoting humane and sustainable global engagement. Student members of Amnesty agree that their biggest accomplishment this year has been around their fundraising efforts for the Y's Relief from Ebola campaign. Last fall, Amnesty's annual Jamnesty benefit show raised more funds than ever before because of their planning and outreach to local businesses for raffle prize donations, fundraising on the Main Quad, and expanding and encouraging ways to donate funds online as well. Because of their successful fundraising strategies, Amnesty was able to contribute $1,000 to the University YMCA's Relief from Ebola campaign, which overall provided $20,000 in humanitarian and ebola prevention efforts to Sierra Leone.

"I see Amnesty continuing to grow its membership now and developing a greater presence on campus," says Jane. "I think with our upcoming events for Sexual Assault Awareness Week we have the potential to become a major social justice group on campus." 

Amnesty International is a worldwide organization of more than 2.2 million members working to promote and protect human rights for all people. The University YMCA is home to the UIUC chapter, which works works for social justice through demonstrations, lectures, petitions and letter-writing campaigns to governments at home and abroad.