Monday, August 26, 2013

[Y Stories] Willard Broom: "Keeping My Mind Open"

In this edition of Y Stories, Willard Broom recounts how he started out at the Y as a "drive-by participant," going to Friday Forum lectures and drinking coffee in the K Rooms.  Willard remembers how the Y's Freshman Camp changed his ideas about learning, and found the Y to be a safe haven for students and community members to dialogue and take action together. Willard is still very much involved in the Y today.

[Y Stories] is a part of the YMCA's celebration of 140 years of engaging people in service, reflection, and action.  Since 1873, the University YMCA has sponsored programs, organizations, and activities dedicated to building a better world, better human relations, and better care for the Earth.  

As part of this celebration, we would like to acknowledge stories of University YMCA alumni and friends in order to commemorate our lasting legacy. We would love to hear your Y story, because we believe that the power of storytelling is when people say "me too."  

Watch other videos from our friends and Y alumni: