Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Y Prom 2012, 'DIY Another Day'

by Laura Frasz, Co-President
YMCA Student Board, Red Bison

When called into action for a noble and worthy cause, YMCA students consistently respond with confidence, determination, and innovation. Anyone familiar with the University Y has seen this happen countless times in response to issues of social justice, environmental problems, and so forth. On the evening of Saturday, January 28th, students responded to a different kind of call to action: the call to dance. When hip-hop band The  Black Eyed Peas beckoned students to “get into it” and “get it started”, Y students leapt into action on the dance floor as they always do: with confidence, determination, and innovation.
The 1st Annual YMCA Prom was held on a dark, cold, mid-winter evening, but spirits inside the Y were high. Students and staff, dressed in their finest, were received into the Y on a fancy red carpet. The Y was also dressed in its finest. Murphy Lounge was aglow with elegant yet subtle beauty thanks to the homemade decorations, strings of lights, and candles that students had set up earlier that day. The theme, “DIY Another Day”, was reflected in the recycled and refashioned decorations, as well as the hand-made paper corsages that students exchanged with one another.
The evening began with a delicious spaghetti candlelit dinner courtesy of Eric Green. As dinner wound down, attendants began mingling, taking photos, and slowly making their way to Latzer Hall, where the dancing would soon begin. Despite having bellies full of comfort food, it became evident that everyone was getting butterflies in their stomachs. Who would dance with whom? Would the handsome gentleman that you exchange glances across the boardroom table with finally talk to you? Would dancers segregate into their respective Y groups, or would the night turn into the grooviest collaboration event of all time? The worry was only momentary, however. Once the music started, everyone danced their cares away. The fun continued for hours, ending in an appropriately rousing chorus of The Village People’s “YMCA”.
It is safe to say that our first prom was a success. Over 90 were in attendance, and the student board raised over $700 to help remodel the student program office. These numbers are nearly double the original goal. Hopefully, this event will continue on for many years so that future generations can fully understand what it means to say, “it’s fun to stay at the YMCA”.

CHECK OUT PICTURES FROM THE 1st ANNUAL YMCA PROM ON FLICKR:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/universityymca/sets/72157629318923887/

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