Monday, March 19, 2012

Sonia Reflects on the 29th International Dinner

by Sonia Hossain
Communications Intern
University YMCA

More photos available on Flickr.
This year I was honored to attend and be a part of the International Dinner at the University YMCA. Showing up at the event early, I noticed that even before it had started there was a long packed line of guests extending from the main lobby all the way to the back door.  

I could tell by the gathering of the crowd that community members were really eager to experience culture! There were people of all colors, ages, and backgrounds, such as children, students, professors, and elderly folks as well.

When the event had began, I made my way into Murphy Gallery and Lounge, which was surrounded by tables of various dishes of food that were brought in and made by students and different community members. 

The aroma of different spices and flavors filled the air as I walked in. Tables were divided by flags that were represented by the cultural origins by the countries of the food there. Individuals were excited as they prepared and served their foods to guests, not only educating them about the type of food they were receiving, but also about why this particular food was important to them and their country as well.

More photos on Flickr
I had the pleasure of experiencing some of these fine dishes and must say that having an international cuisine really gives you the best of the whole world in one plate! After getting my food, I made my way into Latzer Hall where I was greeted by a live local band playing and tables filled with guests eating and enjoying each others company. 

I thought it was great how this event not only gave community members the chance for multicultural experiences, but also helped them network and build connections with prominent leaders during dinner.

Along with the many international events that the University Y sponsors, I thought that the international dinner was prime example of what different organizations on campus and in society today should be celebrating. 

As a student of color, I believe it is crucial that people of all ages and backgrounds should be educated and enlightened by experiencing different cultures through food, music, dinner, and good company! 

In society today, there are so many false stereotypes that are being thrown around about members of different cultures. Instead of focusing on these negative presumed stereotypes, these events give individuals a chance to learn about the beauty of the world and also the many contributions that variety of cultures have brought to benefit not only the community, but the country as well! 

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