Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reflection on Power of the Arts

By Anna Chen, Communications Intern

Attending Art @ the Y, led me to look at art making from a different perspective. I discovered that Art for Empowerment provides opportunities for survivors of abuse and trauma to heal through art making.  There is a calm atmosphere of safety and acceptance offered to survivors, to share stories that are met with compassionate respect, which is very crucial. The exhibit represents how survivors developed and changed from the state of pain to a person with hope again. I felt like I understood the emotions the survivors’ experienced, even if I did not know the survivor on a personal level.

[Mini Mask Making]

This piece was different and it certainly caught my attention. I would not want to spend my birthday alone, thus I seem to understand these feelings that brought me to reflect my emotions with my loved ones.

[Warning Signs]

There are warning signs provided of an abusive relationship developing. This other form of awareness-raising may also pose as a great occasion for people who are being abused to open up and release the pain that has been in them.

Observing all the artwork the participants created, I grew an understanding of how they felt during, before, and after the incident that changed their lives. Overall, I believe Art @ the Y is truly a meaningful event for relief, reflection, and realization.

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