Monday, October 12, 2015

YThen/YNow: The Case of Chief Illiniwek

Since 1873, the University YMCA has committed itself towards bettering human relations and protecting our planet. Over time, with Y student leaders taking lead, we have furthered our conversations in the pursuit of social justice.


Pictured at the podium in Latzer Hall of the University YMCA, UIUC student activists Charlene Teters and Michael Haney lead the Anti-Chief Illiniwek movement, which launched in 1991. Their message is clear: Native Americans are not mascots. Native Americans are human beings.


On April 17, 2015, Angela Walden gives a talk at the University YMCA’s Murphy Gallery on “Mascots, Cultural Appropriation, and Indigenous Peoples: The Case of Chief Illiniwek.” This Art @ the Y sponsored event took place in conjunction with the exhibition "IndiVisible: African-Native Lives in the Americas."

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