Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dump & Run Sneak Peak

May Collections are over, the the fun has just begun. Collections will start up again in August at the U of I Stock Pavilion. Then, there's the SALE on August 25th and 26th!

Here's a sneak peak from collections so far... If you want to see more, visit the Flickr Photoset.

We've got...

Hipster Sofas!

Romantic gift packages!

Weight Loss Supplies!

BIKES fixed up by the Campus Bike Project!

Gourmet Kitchen Appliances!

Vinyl Records (As of now, we only have Weird Al records)!

Prizefighting Belts!

Nerd Gear for Children!

And the best volunteers first dibs can buy!

Our Dump & Run Volunteers really are the best! You too can get first dibs if you volunteer 6+ hours in August, so email

If you want to see more, visit the Flickr Photoset.

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