Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Telling Stories: Angelica Haennicke

     It was an extra-credit project for her LAS 101 class that brought first-year student Angelica Haennicke to the University YMCA for the Friday Forum. Moved by the 80 year-old lecture series, she has earned more than extra credit. Angelica was inspired by what she found in the Fall 2013 lecture series entitled “Rethinking Security: Beyond Mass Incarceration”. Enrolled in the LAW 199 course Actual Innocence: Issues In American Criminal Justice, Angelica watched her course work come alive during the lecture series- which she continued to attend even after she earned her extra-credit. 

     “Friday Forum puts a perspective on classroom discussion, giving it a face and showing the social effects. It connects the classroom to the real world.” 

    Inspired by her experience at Friday Forum, Angelica applied for and received an internship with the Center for Wrongful Convictions at Northwestern University. During the Summer of 2014, she’ll join a group of 12 students for education, experience, and networking. And what’s more, she’ll bring her experience back the University of Illinois campus as she continues her studies in Psychology and Global Studies. She’ll also add to future conversations at the Y by participating in the Friday Forum Committee, the group that shapes the direction of each semester’s topic and speakers. Looking forward, Angelica can’t wait to put her knowledge to work in an International NGO. And we can’t wait to help her make it happen. 

     Dozens of student stories like this exist at the University YMCA. We want to provide the opportunity for even more to be written. 

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